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BEANCOUNTER Accounting Resource offers an invaluable way forward for today’s competitive accounting firms. We work in partnership with your business, providing a broad range of cost effective, top quality accounting services.

By using us as your accounting resource, either as and when you need us, or to complete all your compliance work, we can help improve your performance and profitability. We also guarantee access to a team of professional, qualified people* who are readily available to work for you – yet you don’t have to pay for their downtime. And while our team is busy working behind the scenes carrying out your compliance work, you and your staff are freed up to focus on higher value, more rewarding areas of business.

There’s no doubt that partnering with BEANCOUNTER will make your business leaner, meaner and more profitable. We are the smarter resourcing solution, and the people you should turn to as a permanent resource to streamline your business day to day.

*NB: At BEANCOUNTER we only employ NZ-based, senior accountants who have extensive accountancy practice experience within NZ. These are people who are at the top of their game.