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New Zealand Trustee Services are proudly privately owned – we offer Trustee Services only. We value our independence and what it means to you and your valued clients. We are not aligned to any financial institution and don’t accept commissions or brokerages for the placement of funds. We are impartial, and this leaves us free to work purely for the benefit of you & your clients. Our mission is simple – we aim to educate individuals about how to protect and preserve their assets.

How do we work?

Trust preparation and administration is the core of what we do. The first thing that we do is meet with your clients to discuss their reasons for wanting a Trust. We will discuss their current situation and plans for the future. With this in mind, we will then tailor a solution that best fits the client. We will make sure we explain the Trust Structure and how it all works simply because we believe an educated client is a happy client.

So what makes up a Trust?

To start with - Trust Deeds, Deeds of Acknowledgement of Debt, Deeds of Forgiveness of Debt, Trust Minutes, Wills, Memorandum of Wishes, Living Wills and Licence to Occupy. It’s our job to make sure your assets are protected and we take this very seriously. From initial creation of the Trust, transferring of the property, gifting programmes, minute book administration, and even the final distribution to beneficiaries, we take care of it all.

Managing existing relationships

As we are a Professional Independent Trustee only, and are not aligned to any particular organisation this leaves us free to work with either the client’s existing relationships or your relationship as the advisor. For most, if not all Trusts that are established, services of other professionals will be a necessity. If the Trust has come from an Accountant we will always check with you first as to your preference prior to referring your client to any other advisor.