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SmartPayroll was founded by the shareholders of SmartBooks Ltd in 2003 with a vision of transforming the manual and time consuming payroll administration process.

Asantha Wijeyeratne, a qualified accountant and the founder of SmartBooks  and knew the challenges small businesses faced in managing the large range of IRD compliance with payroll and the challenges of cashflow and limited resources.

SmartPayroll automated the process of payroll calculation, payroll payment and IRD compliance – filing and paying PAYE, into one simple web based solution. That was only one part of the equation.

Asantha and his team recognized that having the best technology solution without people to help users set up and be supported, was next to useless! SmartPayroll is about both a great technology solution AND a great team of people who are there to help users not only to get up and running but be there when things get “complicated”.

Phil Richards joined the company as a shareholder and director in 2004. Phil was a qualified Chartered Accountant and had started his own successful business which culminated in winning the Action Entrepreneur of the year in 2004.

The company was driven by a desire to help improve the lives of business owners by making compliance much easier. Working in collaboration with New Zealand’s leading payroll company Datacom and utilising SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, SmartPayroll was created with a single big idea: make payroll fast and easy.